IF you’ve been writing essays at all then you know that the overall deciding factor between a great essay and an unsatisfactory one rests in the strength of the essay topic. And this is where some have problems. It’s one thing to get a list of topics or questions, like we used to do in high school. It’s quite another just to get a general outline and have to write your own essay topic. However, it’s not as scary as it first appeared. There are always tips that you can use to make this writing process a little bit easier.

Essay topics – The Tips

The first thing you can do to make your essay topic writing easier is to consider your audience. Naturally, if you’re writing for a class assignment, your main audience is your professor but don’t let that be a limiting factor! You should write as though a particular segment of the public will read it. This will allow you to come up with a more general topic that would appeal to this demographic. Always consider who you will be writing for and write your topic accordingly.

Something else to consider is that just because you’re writing an essay, doesn’t mean that the essay topic has to be dull or without emotion. Remember, professors and tutorial or research assistants have many papers they need to read, so one of the best ways to create a good topic is by injecting some vim, verve and vigor into it. Don’t be afraid to have it sound enthusiastic. The same goes for your main paper. Write it as you would like to read it, just be sure it adheres to standard conventions. Something else to consider is that your research is also important, but you need to understand that you should never try to make it fit your topic. Instead, let the topic guide how you research and what resources you use.

Finally, remember that a good essay topic is something that not only adheres to the instructions of the assignment but also something that you as a writer can get creative about. Don’t ever worry about expressing yourself in a visionary way when you write, just so long as you follow the instructions you are given for a particular topic.

Essay topics 2016 – The Most Common Prompts

It is very important to wisely select one of the essay topics 2016. After all, writing is a required part of your application for admission. What should good essay contain?

  • Personal Statement
  • Short Response
  • Additional Information About Yourself or Your Circumstances
  • Additional Space
  • Activities & Achievements

Personal Essay topics

It is the definition of someone’s thinking and experience. The writer is emotional about the subject but the same passion must be created in the mind of the readers as well.

While thinking of writing a personal essay you must consider about writing a running journal. It will keep your ideas flow rapidly and sequentially. You will never miss out on any relevant points which will prove vital for your essay. Keeping this in mind start a journal and write down your deepest emotions and thought process. All these will add significance to your essay.